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About New York Garage Doors

New York Garage Doors is a family owned business that was established in 2005. From the beginning, our goal was to provide the highest quality garage door products and services that are well above industry standards. Having started as a small workshop garage doors in Queens, Guy Tamari, New York Garage Doors’ founder, worked hard and set the values that our team has followed ever since:

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The Most Trusted Garage Door Company in NY

Today, after almost 20 years, New York Garage Doors is a leading garage door installer and repairer in New York City and surrounding areas, including New JerseyLong IslandStaten Island and more! Using the latest technology, styles and trends along with their relentless pursuit for customer satisfaction as their driving force, New York Garage Doors provides full installation and repair services for hundreds of business’ and households across New York. Guy and the team maintain their uncompromising professionalism through continued industry training and continuous expansion of their circle of both residential and commercial garage door clients.

Garage door services are very much in demand. More car owners are becoming aware of the security and car maintenance benefits brought about by garage door installation. However, you shouldn't just go with the nearest garage door shop and choose a random garage door on a whim. You’ll need to be properly informed on technical standards which will help you determine the size and type of garage door you want to install in your home.

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We install all variations of residential garage doors including aluminum, wood, fiberglass, steel & vinyl in traditional, carriage house & modern styles.

commercial garage doors

We install all variations of residential garage doors including high speed, rolling & sectional doors.

We install garage door openers for residential & commercial garages.

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We repair residential & commercial garage doors including openers, springs, cables, rollers, off track doors and more.

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Choosing The Perfect Garage Door for YOU

At New York Garage Doors we help you when it comes to planning the materials, design and installation of your ideal garage door. First, you have to consider whether your garage door is for residential or commercial use. There are important distinctions between these two types of garage doors. Second, you’ll have to choose which material the garage door panel will be made of. Do you prefer it to be mostly steel, or mostly wood? Or do you want it to be a mix of steel, aluminum, or wood? Would you prefer to include some fiberglass components for a high-end look? You’ll also have to decide on the color and design of your garage door. While a garage door is made with a primary purpose in mind- to protect your car- it should also have some aesthetic value to complement the overall design of your house.  Third, you’ll have to decide how your garage door operates based on the inner mechanism. Do you want it to open slowly, with minimal noise? Or do you want it to open in a jiffy, and don’t mind even if it’s a bit clunky? You’ll also come across garage doors that are akin to high-tech devices. New York Garage Doors provides high-end services such as garage door alarm installation, motion sensor installation, CCTV camera system, and remote-control garage door openers. There are even garage doors that can be opened only by keying in a password, or by accessing it via a laptop or mobile phone.

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